NVC Mediation Training

The Art of NVC Mediation

A 5 day immersion in Nonviolent Communication (NVC) Mediation

WITH acclaimed NVC trainer & Accredited Mediator,

Kate Raffin, in Brisbane

WHEN: 14 – 18th November 2017

WHERE: Quaker House, 10 Hampson St, Kelvin Grove, Brisbane

THIS IS an outstanding opportunity to train in NVC Mediation in Australia, with a highly skilled and experienced mediator & trainer.
Kate Raffin is an Accredited Mediator under the Australian National Mediator Accreditation System (NMAS), and a certified NVC trainer.

NVC Mediation training is rarely offered in Australia, and to date we have only two NVC Mediators in Australia who are accredited under the NMAS system – there is strong demand for NVC Mediators in Australia and elsewhere.


NVC practitioners, facilitators, and people trained in conventional mediation.

Mediators will deepen existing skills and learn to mediate within an NVC framework.

NVC practitioners will learn skills that can be applied in both formal and informal conflict situations.

The skills learned can be applied in all aspects of life – workplaces, community, home, family, all relationships – with results that support the current conflict issue and the relationships into the future.



Places at this training are limited, and we expect it to book out, so please register early to avoid disappointment.


  • Full price $950; C2Ci members $850
  • Earlybird $850 till 31st August; C2Ci members $750
  • Concession $750; C2Ci members $650
  •  We want this training to be both accessible and sustainable – please pay to the top of your ability
  • $200 deposit or full payment secures your place. Early Bird payments due in full by 15th September. All other payments due in full by 20th October

    JOIN C2Ci  $60 or $30 concession

TO REGISTER for the training CLICK HERE


Deborah Moseley deborahmoseley1@gmail.com P 0417 624 417
Tracy Adams wildweaver@ozemail.com.au P 07- 5435 2993


This is a full-time 5 day training with no option to attend for part time. It is non-residential. Good quality low cost accommodation is available nearby at Newmarket Gardens Caravan Park, and AirBnB.

Yummy healthy lunches are available at the training for the 5 days for $60 (pay when you register)

PREREQUISITE: This training assumes a basic understanding of NVC, with at least 2 days training with a Certified NVC trainer. If you don’t have previous experience with NVC, please contact us for options to expand your understanding before this training. Options include  in-person 2 day Foundation training (highly recommended), and online/telecourses. Some resources are listed at the bottom of this page.

What you’ll learn

A step-by-step training in skills for formal and non-formal conflict mediation, for individuals,  groups, and workplaces, based on Nonviolent Communication (NVC)

  • Skills of a mediator
  • The two phases and five steps of NVC mediation
  • Dealing with reactions and challenges
  • Designing and facilitating inter and intra group mediation

You will learn effective tools for working with conflict, which will enable you to enjoy greater connection, empathy and peace with yourself and others.

Who is this training for?

Mediators, facilitators and NVC practitioners who want to increase their capacity both personally and professionally to:

  • Learn to apply NVC Mediation skills and principles as concrete tools, to use as a central powerful practice of nonviolence, in all aspects of your life
  • Support people in conflict to hear each other by choice
  • Be involved in a conflict and still choose to take the side of peaceful conflict response
  • Recognise your own default settings in responding to conflict and learn to increase your options to maximum benefit for all
  • Identify and harvest every interaction to build connection and good will even in intensely challenging situations
  • Offer support for the current conflict while supporting parties to re-perceive their ability to connect peacefully and effectively in the future
  • Attend to what really matters and cut the exhausting guess work by supporting and making clear requests
  • Foster the qualities of safety, openness and curiosity, leading to collaborative solutions that work for all
  • Naturally translate judgements and enemy images into common human need language with greater ease
  • Sustain yourself by returning to presence and connection in the midst of intense conflict
  • Mediate or facilitate in the presence of passivity, fear and resistance

The Trainer, Kate Raffin

Kate’s interactive and experiential style of teaching provides the chance to sit in the learning ‘hot seat’ with your peers in a way that supports both safety and learning. You will be able to set your own level of challenge and receive direct feedback from your peers. Everything in the training is an opportunity to learn and grow.

Kate is a nationally Accredited Mediator under the Australian National Mediator Accreditation System (NMAS), skilled facilitator, and certified NVC trainer with the centre for Nonviolent Communication.

Since 2008 she has supported hundreds of people and communities, in a diverse range of circumstances, to hear each other with NVC Mediation. She has also taught hundreds of people these communication skills – both through supported dialogues and in training.

Kate gratefully acknowledges the inspiration, learning and support from her teachers and colleagues Jan Blum, Ike Lasater, John Kinyon, Catherine Cadden, Jesse Wiens, Linda Rysenbry, Liv Larsson, Robert Krzisnik and Marshall Rosenberg.

For more on Kate click here       



“I would trust Kate with my own family if conflict arose” – Linda Rysenbry 2017, colleague www.everydaylove.com.au

“As a mediator Kate holds a very safe and present space where each person gets to experience being heard and understood, and creatively we walk towards resolution together. She holds a safe space for something that can often feel so scary to explore.” – Kylie Ezyart 2017

“I felt safe and positive with you in the picture Kate, and have begun to develop much more optimism around how to gently speak my truth.” – Theresa, Chair of a climate change action organisation.

“When I rang to say “help, can you help us, we are in conflict”, Kate’s priority and ethic was in supporting the sustainability for the community ourselves to step up and trust in what we already have. It wasn’t until we were right into the process, that I realised what a helpful and long visioned approach she has. Kate brought trust that through the dialogue we would come to a place that we could all agree on – together – the best chance we had. A point of understanding ourselves and the background about what lead us to behave in the ways we did.” – Sunny, Bench Co-op secretary, Bend Community, Bega November 2016



A very valuable training that I will be able to take the skills and understandings into my work place of restorative justice and my private life / relationships- skills of empathy, understanding , listening and empathic communication – a very practical workshop – thank you Kate.” Participant, Maleny 2016

‘Feeling inspired to take this work out into the world – in my daily life, in my family and in my work’. Participant, Maleny 2016.

“Kate is a true role model, a really authentic communicator. I love her passionate commitment to this work, and her boldness and sense of fun.”  

 “Kate has created a safe place for growth and vulnerability. She brings an air of magic with her that everyone gets to share. I have endless gratitude”.

 “It’s not often that I’ve been to a workshop conducted by someone with such an open heart and so present. It is much valued.”

I want to say a huge THANK YOU to yourself and the NVC work in providing me with the tools with which I can now communicate. I feel so empowered. I feel good about who I am because I am now speaking from the TRUTH of who I am. I don’t have to cover-up, blame, make wrong or practice other unhealthy ways of communicating and behaviour which I used in the past. It feels so good to practice being a better version of who I am today. Thank you for sharing the gift of NVC with me and being in my life ” – Maria M Sydney, Sept 2013

“Thank you so much for the Heart Talk Matters workshop – Amazing stuff! I had recently read the book but was unsure how to bring it to life, so the practices and guidelines you took us through were very helpful … your heart felt sharing’s over the weekend are also inspirational, and I welcome your open and relaxed, inclusive style of teaching. Love your beautiful artistic offerings too, – meets my needs for beauty and creativity!”  Participant, Heart Talk Matters Hobart 2015.



“Working with Kate one on one is always magical. I often walk into the session clouded with confusion and self doubt and so many questions about how to find my way through. By engaging a variety of powerful processes from her many years of experience Kate expertly leads me to the heart of the issue with great skill and care. I leave each session with a practical step to take to fulfill my intention within an appropriate time frame. Time spent with Kate in this way is both empowering and clarifying.”   – Cassandra Missio, Co-Director and Yoga Teacher, Earth and Sky Yoga Studio Marrickville.

Kate Raffin is a gentle, powerful enabler of Dr Marshall Rosenberg’s teachings in communication. Kate is a soul-whisperer whose questions and guidance lead one’s higher self to connect to one’s heart space in the name of Unity.”                    –  Karen Adler 2016.

‘Kate has been a mentor, a mediator, a coach, and a guide for me. Through her presence, curiosity, understanding and empathy, I am able to connect in with myself, touch my truth and find clarity. She meets me where I am, takes my hand and walks beside me until I find my path again.  I am deeply grateful for her presence in this world.

When I think of Kate I think of empathy, understanding, presence, openness, curiosity, creativity and warmth.’ – Kylie Ezyart 2017


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