Robert Kržišnik Bio

Robert Kržišnik, MSc Psychology, has been working for over 28 years with individuals and groups as a trainer, team coach, complex meeting facilitator and mediator in conflicts between individuals and between groups.

For 12 years, he also held his private psychotherapeutic practice. He works in a wide spectrum of environments including corporate, educational, NGOs, open trainings and spiritual retreats. He is known for his hands-on approach that is at the core of all his workshop modalities – be it problem-solving sessions (in organisations/teams/groups, between individuals), communication skill trainings, or when supporting deep self-exploration.

He is the first Slovenian certified trainer of Nonviolent Communication with The Center for Nonviolent Communication, an empathy-based approach developed by Dr Marshall Rosenberg. Robert is intensively involved in the work of this global organisation, in its organisational development, and as a trainer on nine-day Intensive International Trainings. He has offered workshops in many places in Europe, as well as in the USA, the Middle East, Myanmar, Japan, South Korea, French Polynesia.

Besides the Nonviolent Communication, Robert draws from the approaches such as the Art of Hosting and Bohmian Dialogue; with elements of other life explorations he enjoys, such as Contact Improvisation and Zen Buddhism.

About 10% of his time is dedicated to voluntary work, such as sharing Nonviolent Communication or training mediators in Palestine/Israel, supporting relationships in Slovenian and international NGOs.

Within his work arena, he is most passionate about conflict mediation as well as about practical and embodied spirituality which he sees as supporting individuals to deepen their connection with themselves and with the flow of life.

“In my work two types of situations touch me most: the first one is when individuals re-connect with themselves and start to shine in their fullness and beauty. And the second is when individuals re-connect with each other again, when they deeply hear and understand each other – after perhaps not having been able to communicate and co-operate for many years. When they meet as humans, in their vulnerability, that is when magic happens – suddenly the room is full of life, breathing becomes deeper and nothing is impossible any longer.”

Robert is a parent of three grown-up children, and co-author of a book entitled Parents of New Generation (available only in Slovenian).

Robert’s TEDx talk from Jena, Germany on The Language for Global Citizenship

Robert’s TEDx talk from Mt.Triglav, Slovenia’s highest mountain  On personal growth and vulnerability


Areas of expertise:

  • Nonviolent Communication
  • Integrating NVC with Contact Improvisation (body-centred awareness & movement practices)
  • Conflict mediation
  • Conflict resolution
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Leadership
  • Personal evolution
  • Teamwork
  • Dialogue
  • Organisational development
  • Collaborative change design (process and facilitation)
  • Large group facilitation (participatory conferences, congresses)
  • Parenting



  • Workshops and trainings
  • Team coaching
  • Mediation
  • Coaching (individuals, teams)
  • Facilitation
  • Key-note speaking


Testimonials – Robert Kržišnik 

” Robert is immensely skilled in holding space for individuals and groups to explore deeply within themselves and between each other. I love  how he brings embodiment and movement practices into the practice of nonviolent communication – grounding our connection and experience in the body, in the heart enables a whole deeper level of authenticity and connection. He also has a rare gift for being able to hold space for people to explore and express their deepest authenticity and vulnerability, while holding this lightly with humour and play alongside the deep seriousness of the work – this is a joy to be a part of and to witness.” Trace, Australia

“Taking part at the retreat Embodying NVC through Movement and Flow, in Austria in 2015 was for me a tremendous lift from verbal NVC expression and at the same time deepening my understanding of its principles. How does human body observe, feel, ask and react. Finally words become like the simplest step once you understand the movement in and of your body. The embodiment brings freedom and opens possibilities of verbal communication to become more authentic and natural. With the loving support and expertise of Sarah Beckmann and Robert Kržišnik the process became something that I believe every NVC practitioner would find as beneficial on their path to better understanding and co-creation of this miracle of life.”

Jana Burger, Slovenia/Germany

“My experience of the workshop of Robert and Sarah in Embodying NVC through Movement and Flow was a true exploration of the world within; emotions, feelings, needs. Whatever was explored during the NVC sessions through the field of communication was later explored through the physical in the CI dance. We explored the dance of communication and the communication of the dance. I loved it!”

Vesna Klemencic, Slovenia/Austria

“Exploring connection via movement and Contact Improvisation takes us to a new dimension. It might be both easier to relax into contact, and it might also be really exciting, scary or joyful. Robert makes NVC and Contact Improvisation marry in a way that is amazing!”

Liv Larsson, CNVC Certified Trainer, Sweden

“I took several sessions on Embodying NVC through Movement and Flow with Robert and his guidance supported an embodied experience of some key NVC concepts such as presence, choice, authenticity and self-connection. I found the experience rich and deeply rewarding.”

Kathleen MacFerran, CNVC certified trainer, USA

“I have experienced Robert K. offering leading group experience in body movement (contact improv) in an intensive retreat. I found the processes very moving and transformative, supporting both group cohesion and an embodied consciousness in alignment with NVC principles of living authentically and fully. I highly recommend working with Robert if you have an opportunity and you want to integrate a fuller embodiment.”

Robert Gonzales

“I so enjoy the passion and skill with which Robert shares both NVC and Contact Improv. He brings both forms of interpersonal communication alive with a contagious enthusiasm and depth of engagement.”

Karl Steyaert, CNVC certified trainer