Moving With Life – FAQs

Some questions that might come up for you with brief answers plus ‘time codes’ so you can fast forward the video to the answer you want to see (click on the time code to jump to the video section):

Q1: Do I need to be a dancer or have experience of Contact Improv?
Answer: No – and you’ll hear further info at: 3:30 / 11.45 / 12.55

Q2: Why the pre-requisite of 2 days of NVC Training with a certified NVC Trainer?
Answer: It is best to hear this from Robert: 9.35 / 10.23

Q3: How will this retreat support my NVC learning and skill building?
Answer: 1.20 / 6.19 / 8.05 / 8.39

Q4: How will learning NVC support my CI practice?
Answer: Disappointed I didn’t asked this question – can do next interview. There’s something at 14.55 & 17.22 that might be enough.
I’d love to hear if you think this is sufficient or if we need to write something to go here?

Q5: Where can I do NVC training with a Certified Trainer?
Answer: See “Learn NVC” on

Q6: Will we be moving to music?
Answer: No – the movement exercises are done in silence.

Q7: What have other people experienced in this program?
Answer: 14.18 / 14.55 / 17.22

Q8: How can we do NVC with movement?
Answer: 19.40