Sarah Beckmann Bio

portrait_sarah_beckmanSarah Beckmann is a CNVC certified trainer and has been sharing Nonviolent Communication since 2010 in Germany, Austria, Spain, Israel, and Slovenia. She has been integrating dance, Contact Improvisation and NVC since 2012.

She studied Psychology at the University of Freiburg and Contemporary Dance and Improvisation at the School of Dance, Improvisation and Performance (TIP) in Freiburg. Beside performance she also focuses on Contact Improvisation.

During her studies, Sarah found her passion in Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and studied with NVC founder Marshall Rosenberg and other trainers in Germany and the U.S.

In her recent work she combines the art of dance and communication, using tools, inspirations and principles of contemporary dance, Improvisation and compassionate communication (NVC). This leads into different frames as retreats, workshops and art. In Vienna she leads a performance Lab “Art comPassion – Performance LAB” and explores the aesthetic and transformative dimension of NVC in Art/ Performance.

She also uses NVC for creative processes and to support creativity in other people. Understanding life as an ongoing process of creation that we can create as an art piece, Sarah is curious to connect to the very essence of human beings and what moves them from the inside and forward. She is interested in finding ways to co-create reality embracing interpersonal differences and where you, me and we matter.




Testimonials 2015 – 2016 Sarah Isabel Beckmann

“Yes!  I found Sarah’s workshops effective, creative and powerful.  In her workshops, Sarah had us work with NVC processes through dance and movement, with little or no intellectual explanation on her part.  I found that her approach provided lived experiences of NVC concepts and processes, and enabled many or even most of us to do deep work.” Helen Adamson (Certified CNVC trainer Spain / USA)

“Thank you for this gift.  Through this workshop I gained a physical understanding of the interdependence that we human beings live in. I also physically realized the universality of feelings and needs and that I could connect to them through my body. It was an experience that made me see the beauty around me and the beauty of life. I could connect to me very alively and I observed new aspects of myself I have never seen before.” Suso

“After the Sarah’s ‘NVC and Movement’ workshop I feel connected, moved, very calm and peaceful, and fulfilled. It helped me to connect to my emotions and needs without thinking or integrating the head too much. For me, being a quite mental person, this opens a very important path and a new opportunity to connect to life and myself.” Adrian

“Now after this workshop I know myself better. What I had been trying to understand mentally without success, revealed itself now in this process, with ease and clarity. I feel that through this work a very powerful chain of changes has been awakened.” Leila

“After the workshop with Sarah I felt connected with my vitality and very present. I connected with myself and I could feel a great opening towards the others. This work really motived me to use more the body to explore and learn NVC.” Moira

“I feel grateful and present. With this work and journey I could enter into a wonderful connection with my body, soul and spirit. I realized that the beauty of life is expressed through me and my being. The combination of Dance/ Movement and NVC opened for me a new way to connect to life.” Anna

“I feel my heart open and very much connected to myself.” Nuno

“I found gifts in all of Sarah’s sessions. I’d literally refer to your words of ‘dance of life’, that I again and again, found myself doing.” Mireille van Bremen

“This workshop has been an adventure and journey into my body and its surrounding.  It helped me to find non-verbal possibilities to explore and experience my connection to myself and to others. I could relax into the movement and explore and discover the flexibility and movement options my body provides.” Felix

“My experience of the workshop of Robert and Sarah in combining the NVC and CI was true exploration of the world within; emotions, feelings, needs. Whatever was explored during the NVC sessions through the field of communication was later explored through the physical in the CI dance. We explored the dance of communication and the communication of the dance. I loved it!”  Vesna Klemencic

Curriculum Vitae Sarah Isabel Beckmann

Born 10.12.1985 in Viernheim, Germany
address Handelskai 454
1020 Wien

Education & International Exchanges

1992 – 1993 Bessunger Schule in Darmstadt – Staatliche Grundschule
1993 – 1997 Freie Commeniusschule in Darmstadt – Grund- und Realschule
1997 – 2002 Viktoriaschule in Darmstadt – Gymnasium
2002 – 2003 International exchange program for one year in Venezuela und Guatemala with the “American Field Service” (AFS)
2003 – 2005 Bertold-Brecht-Schule in Darmstadt – Oberstufengymnasium
June 2005 Abitur


Oct. 2005 – March 2012 Psychology at “Albert-Ludwigs-University“ Freiburg, Germany main approaches and fields of interest: system theory, systemic therapy; client centered therapy (C. Rogers), neuropsychology, neurobiology, embodiment and social cognition, body- mind- spirit medicine, positive psychology, consciousness and meditation research, psychology of spirituality, cultural psychology, humanistic psychology, etc.
Since Jan. 2008 Scholarship: Friedrich-Ebert- Foundation
Jun. 07 – Jan. 08 Student Assistant at the Department of Psychology, Intervention and Rehabilitation
Jan.- Jul. 2008 Semester abroad (ERASMUS): “Le Mirail” University in Toulouse France, Department of Psychology
Aug.- Oct. 2008 Internship: Clinic for Psychosomatic Medicine and Rehabilitation “Bad Herrenalb”
Oct.-March 2008 Research-internship: Department of Neuropsychology in Freiburg: “The Impact of Meditation on Emotions and Cognition”
March 2009 “Springschool“ FMRT as a research method in Psychology, Bender Institute of Neuroimaging, Gießen, Germany
May 2009-July 2010 Student assistant at the Department of Psychiatry, University Medical Center, Freiburg, Germany
June 2009 Mind & Life Summer Research Institute, Garisson, New York
April 2010 EFPSA (European Federation of Psychology Student Associations) – Congress: “Free your Mind”
March 2012 graduated as a Psychologist (Dipl. Psychologist)

Therapeutic Methods

2008 – 2010 Client Centered Therapy by C. Rogers, a basic program at the University of Freiburg
July 2012 Pesso- Boyden- Sensorimotor-Psychotherapy (PBSP), 3 Weeks intensive Training with Albert Pesso, Boston

Dance / Movement

Free – expression dance and theatre group for children 4 years to 6 years old 

2008 – 2018 Member of the dance group “Mojastre” (Modern, Jazz, Street dance) from the University Darmstadt
Since 2008 Flamenco at La Solea , Freiburg
2010 Flamenco Festival Jerez, several courses with Concha Jareno
July 2012 Pesso- Boyden- Sensorimotor-Psychotherapy (PBSP), 3 Weeks intensive Training
2008-2014 Capoeira, Freiburg
Since 2008 Yoga (Ashtanga, Ayenga, Shadow Yoga in France, Freiburg, Berlin & Vienna)
Since 2010 Contact Improvisationwith different teachers including: Joerg Hassman (G), Sharon Fridman (Israel/Spain), Guenter Klingler (G), Nita Little (USA), Matan Lepkovitsch (Israel/Austria), Jules Beckman (USA), Alito Alessi (USA), Adrian Russi (CH), Tom O Donnell (USA)
 2011 Dance – Improvisation – Performance, Basic-Project at BewegungsArt Freiburg
2012 – 2014 Contemporary Dance education at TIP (school for dance, improvisation and performance), Freiburg, 2 years full-time program (Teachers that I worked with:
Lilo Stahl, Bernd Ka, Guenter Klingler, Marion Dieterle, Zuna Kozankova, Adrian Russi, Bruno Catalano, Maya M. Carroll)
since 2012 Feldenkrais, regular courses and self practice
2014 Professional Workshops and Training in Berlin with: Rakesh Sukesh, Minako Seki, Frey Faust
since 2014 Professional Training in Tanzquartier Vienna beyond other teachers:
Contemporary dance with Martin Sonderkamp, Countertechnique with Jania Kasatkina, Flying Low with Christina Leitao, Contemporary Dance with Eldad Benssason, GAGA with Noam Eidelmann, and more
Gaga classes in Suzanne Dellal, Tel Aviv
2015 August Summerintensiv, Dance – Performance with Minako Seki, Berlin
2015 Jan Working/ Training with Sharon Fridman and the Vertigo Company
Since 2016, Feb Art comPassion performance LAB: working with a performance group using Nonviolent Communication for dance and performance; Exploration, Creation and Performance work on the performativity of human interaction, communication and inner processes like feelings, needs, judgements, observations etc.
2016, Jan-May Animal Instinct, Into the Arena with Matan Levkovitsch and Bruno Caverna, Vienna

Choreography / Performance

until 2008 dance performances and dance competitions with “Mojastre”

2011 final Performance of the Basic Project, BewegungsArt, 3 Pieces
2012- 2014 6 Performances during the education in TIP, Freiburg
2013 “Gottes kleiner Krieger” Dance Theatre – Bollywood production at the theatre of Freiburg in cooperation with the choreographer Akash Odedra
2013 Side specific Performance in Basel, at the Dance Festival Basel
2013 “5 aus 58” a Duett inspired by the philosopher Jean Luc Nancy at the symposium m-body “Spuren”, Freiburg
2014 Final Performances TIP at E-Werk, Freiburg including one Dance theatre piece “Fazoletti” and “ Pop up”
2016 Member of the company “reEnter” by Minako Seki
2016-2017 Tanzprojekt “C6” im Kontext der Werner Kubny Filmproduktion über den Kohleabbau im Ruhrgebiet, Deutschland
June 2016 “Wald als Partitur”, 2 Wochen Residenz für Tanz und Performance mit Minako Seki & Performanceprojekt mit Tanz, Neuer Musik und Text im Wald von Melle
Sept.-Nov. 2016 “Conflict is score” – NVC as performance, dancing through conflict transformation. Artist in Resort, a Performance – Mentoring Program at Tanz-Hotel Vienna
future: 2017 Work in progress: “the animal inside” with the Company Head Feed Hands

Nonviolent Communication

2010 – 2011 Nonviolent Communication (NVC) (M. Rosenberg), a one year program with Tatjana Wolf and Teresa Heidegger, Berlin
Since Dec. 2010 Giving NVC – Trainings for students (mainly in the context of the Friedrich Ebert foundation)
Sept. 2011 “Nonviolent Communication” – International Intensive Training (IIT) with M.Rosenberg (a.o.), Albuquerque, New Mexico
Oct. 2011 Nonviolent Communication Workshop with Miki Kashtan, San Francisco, California
2012-2014 “EURO-LIFE – Living compassion” with Robert Gonzales: 2 years intensive training on Nonviolent Communication & Living Compassion
2011-2012 Involved as a NVC Trainer at the “Experiment-Empathy-Festival”, a Festival based on NVC in Belzig, Germany
Since 2012 certification candidate as a trainer of CNVC
Since 2012 Dance & Nonviolent Communication (NVC), leading workshops in Darmstadt/Germany, Yspertal/Austria, Israel/ Palestine, Vienna
Since 2015 NVC & CI, Contact Imporvisation and NVC, co-facilitating 3.5 days retreats with Robert Krzisnik
September 2016 Pre-assessment for the Certification in NVC
November 2016 Certification as a CNVC trainer for Nonviolent Communication