Donating to C2Ci

We rely solely on membership fees and donations to cover our running costs and to maintain our Scholarship & Loan Fund. All of our C2Ci management and other activities are run by volunteers.

Your donation will assist in C2Ci’s ongoing operation, support people who are marginalised or on a very low income to access NVC training,  and help us develop more extensive and visionary NVC projects.

You can choose to donate to our Scholarship & Loan Fund, or to our general running costs through a one-off or regular donation.

Become a Regular Supporter

From as little as $4 a month – the price of a cup of coffee – you can become a regular supporter of C2Ci. Set up an automatic recurrent payment from your bank account or PayPal account to help us fulfill our vision and aims.

Thankyou – your gift will help others to bring more compassion, skill, awareness and effectiveness to their work to create a better world for all – ‘A world where all needs matter, all life flourishes

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