C2Ci Fundraising

A major aspect of C2Ci’s vision is to contribute to a world that is more compassionate, peaceful, and co-operative, where all people’s needs matter. As part of this we want to support people who are passionate about making a positive difference to participate in intermediate and advanced level trainings in Compassionate Communication, or Nonviolent Communication.

To achieve this we:

• Organise and promote Compassionate Communication trainings

• Strive to make our trainings accessible by minimizing costs to participants

• Provide resources and support for individuals to do their own fundraising

• Are in the process of setting up a Scholarship and Microfinance Loan Fund

Follow these links training, resources, brainstorming for more information on how you can be supported in your own fundraising, and how you can contribute to our fundraising for the Scholarship and Loan Fund, or to our general purpose fund.

By becoming a member of C2Ci you can become a part of realizing this vision. For details on how to join C2Ci go to /join-c2ci