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Great videos & multi-media resources

  • The Power of Touch
  • robert-gonzales-mml-180x150
  • Online Multi-media NVC Library at NVC Academy

Overviews of NVC

Feelings and Needs lists

  • Julie Lawrence’s printable PDF of the NVC process, plus feelings and needs, which you can fold up and put in your wallet. (Instructions for folding into a booklet may be found there).

Ongoing Learning

There are many amazing NVC newsletters and weekly tips series available, which will enhance your ongoing practice and learning with NVC. Here are just a few.

There are also paid ones. Thom Bond runs a series every year (starting in July), where you get one email a week. It’s only $52 and is FABULOUS. Find out more here:

Parenting and NVC

Further Training

Cate Crombie was one of the first NVC trainers in Australia, and is also the CNVC Assessor for Certification Candidates for the entire southern hemisphere. She runs regular 2 day “Foundation Training” workshops at the Relaxation Centre, which are highly recommended, as well as intermediate and advanced level trainings. You can find a calendar of Cate’s trainings here.
The NVC Australia website lists NVC trainings available all around Australia, and lists our Australian-based NVC trainers, as well as trainers visiting from overseas.
NVC Academy offers a wide variety of online and teleclass courses in NVC, as well as offering a very large online multi-media library of NVC resources.

Want to go Deeper with your NVC Learning and Practice?

There are many wonderful trainers and trainings out there. For going deep into the heart of your NVC practice and learning to embody compassion, authenticity and nonviolence we highly recommend:

Some Resources for Compassionate Social Change

Dragon Dreaming

The Change Agency

Joanna Macy

Roman Krznaric

Empathic Civilisation

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