Cate Crombie, President


Cate Crombie is an internationally accredited trainer and assessor with the Centre for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC) based in the USA. Until recently, she was for many years the CEO of ETIA Ltd, a not-for-profit registered training organization (RTO) coordinating accredited parenting programs in Australia and South East Asia. Cate has worked in several roles with parents and schools for over 20 years including offering community education in interpersonal communication, parenting and anti-bullying as well as school/community liaison. Cate currently facilitates Compassionate Communication (NVC) workshops and sessions in a variety of settings including community centres, corporate organizations and private as well as state schools.

Cate has worked in the disability sector in Brisbane as a community educator, researcher and also group worker. In 2005, she was invited to Albany, Western Australia to take her “Stand-up For Yourself” programme to a disability organization there. The programme was designed for teaching assertiveness to the clients of the service, staff and carers. It has evolved into a programme that is now being offered to other organizations across the state.

She is well known to audiences around Australia, in Singapore, New Zealand and the US. She was a keynote speaker at the International Brain Gym Conference in 2006, which prompted a standing ovation. She has also presented workshops and keynotes Montessori Conferences in 2009, 2010 and 2012 in Australia and the US. Following a keynote address at the Queensland Parents and Citizens (Sunshine Coast) annual conference, in 2005, Cate was invited by Education Queensland to bring NVC into 110 state schools.

Cate has an authentic, clear and gentle presentation style that is refreshing in today’s world of hype and hubbub. Cate developed a special interest in parent education while her children were toddlers. This ultimately led to a career move from Graphic Design to Interpersonal Communication workshop facilitation. While studying for her education degree in the late 90’s, Cate discovered that she is a life-long learner and remains passionate about growing her knowledge and skills. She feels greatly aligned to the principals of living a more compassionate life as a human being.

Most importantly, Cate is the proud mother of three young adult women, Sarah, Michelle and Louise who often work with her and are her best and life-long teachers. She is the especially besotted grandmother to her newest teacher 7 year-old Caleb who attends the democratic Independent Pine Community School. She is delighted to be an active participant in his day-to-day care at school and home from which she is learning and growing. Cate has a deep commitment to building community and making family life and life for individuals easier and more wonderful through acknowledgement, encouragement, environment, enlightened education and training.

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2010 – Trained in the US with Dr Marshall Rosenberg to be an Assessor of NVC Candidates for Certification

2005 – January – Certification as a Trainer with the Centre for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC) USA

1998 – Bachelor of Adult and Vocational Education – Double Major in Adult Education and Human Resource Training – Griffith University Brisbane Queensland. Awarded as the student with the highest GPA for that year.

1980 – Instructor in Effectiveness Training for Personal and Professional Development – Instructor in Parent Effectiveness Training – Personal Empowerment & Effective Parenting were formerly Accredited Programs on the National Training Register through the RTO Effectiveness Training Institute of Australia Qld Inc.