Tracy Adams, Lorax

tracy smile Projects Co-ordinator & Lorax

“I am the Lorax who speaks for the trees” (Dr Seus)

Within C2Ci I organise trainings, retreats and events; co-ordinate The Magic Pudding Scholarships & Loans Fund; help look after the website and facebook page; and co-ordinate some of our volunteers.

I have been actively involved in NVC since 2005, and have organised many NVC trainings and events in SE Queensland. I am a CNVC candidate, in training to become an NVC trainer. I enjoy wild nature, being of service, creative synergy, facilitating participatory processes, and connecting people with each other. As an introvert I generally prefer to work in the background. My favourite heroines and role models include Gaia,  Joanna Macy & Fran Peavey.

My previous formal training, and much of my paid work, is as an ecologist and sustainability scientist. I have worked in all levels of government, indigenous organisations, the community sector, and in small and large businesses.  I have also trained and practiced extensively since early 1980’s as a social change agent, within nonviolence, peace movement, Heart Politics, community development, permaculture, intentional community, engaged Buddhism, deep ecology, Transition, and Futures Studies frameworks.

For me NVC is an extension of my life-long work for transformational social change and planetary sustainability, and is about the shift in worldview, consciousness and communication needed to bring about a sustainable, peaceful, compassionate and co-operative world.

I am passionate about using NVC to leverage social change, and in particular to make NVC training and practice accessible to people working for peaceful social change and/or sustainability in any capacity – people who are passionate about making a difference in the world; people who are in positions where they can make a difference; young people and indigenous peoples who are making or who want to make a difference in the world.

I am also particularly interested in how NVC intersects with other frameworks that support deep personal authenticity, mindfulness, compassion, empathy, consciousness shift, and transformative social change, such as body-mind therapies/practices, mindful movement practices, improvisation, ecology, deep ecology, futures work, indigenous being, and secular dharma (Buddhism); And in forming a dialogue between ethics and values-based programs for social change, NVC, deep ecology, and secular (Buddhism).

NVC has supported me, and continues to support me, to heal and find a place of peace with old and recent trauma; to live more and more in my heart, in my body,  in my authenticity; and in authentic life-serving relationships with others. I am profoundly grateful to the practice and community of NVC for what it contributes in my inner and outer life.

My current passion is around embodying NVC through body awareness, movement and touch, such as integrating NVC with Contact Improvisation 🙂


  • B.Sc. Hons in Environmental Science, Griffith University, graduated 1987.
  • Graduate Certificate in Climate Change Adaptation, University of the Sunshine Coast, 2009
  • Graduate Certificate in Futures Studies,  University of the Sunshine Coast, 2012
  • Certificate IV in Workplace Assessment and Training, 2001
  • Permaculture Design Certificates 1982 and 1999.  Advanced Permaculture Training with David Holmgren, 2004
  • Intermediate & Advanced Level training in Compassionate Communication (NVC), 2005–2017
  • ‘Dynamic Groups – Creative Facilitation’ intensive facilitator training courses with Robin Clayfield, 1999, 2004, 2008, and with Jill Jordan, 1999
  • Earth Education Facilitators’ Training with Steve van Matre, 2001
  • ‘The Work that Reconnects’ Facilitators Intensive Training Course (facilitation of social change projects) with Dr. Joanna Macy. Sydney 1998
  • Various other certificate courses including ‘Effectiveness Training’ (9 months, 1999), ‘Being Empowered Through Service Training’ ( 6 months, 1990), Public Speaking (1990)

Contact me at Skype: wildweaver